Week 24- Ray’s MasterKey Journey: True Nature and Harmony

This webinar was so inspiring and impactful, I don’t know where to begin. We get so busy with our lives that we aren’t actually living. We are programmed to be what the world expects us to be and follow a certain outline and regiment to get there. Is this our true nature? Is this what we are called to do? We are all byproducts of the environment we’re exposed to early on and since we don’t know any different, we blindly follow instead of leading and listening to our hearts to pursue our “flower”…….because it’s all a person ever knows. You don’t know what you don’t know.

But…..the beautiful thing is: we all have the ability to change all this. Taking a sales quote from the Go90Grow course, “Most people get excited when they hear this information, BUT, some of them don’t, you know the type, they’d rather complain about their lives, avoid the pain and drink beer, gamble, cause drama, or involve themselves with any number of other distractions instead of fulfilling their dreams, desires, and their purpose”.

Soooooo, nature is calling asking me to embrace the “gnawing void” and let go. I face these feelings I used to previously avoid. MKMMA has taught me to express gratitude towards everything and learn from my experiences too. Recently, my father past away on March 18th. I reflect back on how beautiful and meaningful the last 2 months have been before he died. I had many chances to say “I love you” and how much I appreciated him. The funeral and military ceremony are priceless memories I will cherish forever. What a gift all of this was! I celebrated in my heart and thanked God for all HIs blessings! How ironic that his passing came at the very end of this course. I feel a whole new world opening up and a new chapter in my life is starting. Spring has sprung and so has my life!

I feel some more incredible breakthroughs and epiphanies coming very soon. I will sit in “The Silence” contemplating the 4 questions that really matter: What’s the source of the spirit and the reason for our existence? What’s worth living and dying for?

Part of this whole process is the willingness to let go of what I no longer need and the willingness to claim what I do need. I have definitely started this unloading process and getting rid of all the useless junk in my life……including people that are going down a path I choose not to go any longer.

With love and service as my main objectives, my hero’s journey has just begun!


Week 23- Ray’s MasterKey Journey: Time to Finish Strong!

I cannot believe that I am almost finished with MKMMA……how time flies! I know that this is just the beginning of many new discoveries, insights, inspirations, and friendships. I am considering becoming a guide where I can mentor and bless others on their journey with the course this upcoming Fall. I am finishing strong and I create a powerful habit of completing all tasks, promises, and commitments in my life moving forward.

I am so excited and happy with myself that I put in the “mental labor” these past 6 months. Was I perfectly consistent? Did I have a few backslide moments? Sure I did, but I kept picking myself up and pressed on. What a great feeling knowing that I didn’t shortchange myself! Like Mark says: “self-confidence grows when you keep your word to yourself” How true that is.

I sense big financial breakthroughs are approaching and Lesson 23 clearly reinforces money consciousness is an attitude of mind. I am becoming a money-magnet because I know that service to others comes first, not the other way around. I had this backwards for years. What benefits one must benefit all.

In paragraph 9, it states that the average person is innocent of any deep thinking; he accepts the ideas of others, and repeats them, in very much the same way as a parrot. This is what enables a few strong men to do all the thinking for large groups of people who wish not to think for themselves because of their docile attitude. I am NOT one of those people. I choose to answer the call on my life…..not deny it. I used to live a life of quiet desperation, distract myself with booze and gambling, and with my government job, I was painting “by the numbers”. I remember my co-workers preaching to me about job security and following what society teaches regarding the 40/40/40 plan.  I now choose to design my own life by following my heart’ desires!

I trust in the ideas that God (The Silence) has instilled in my heart. I stop comparing,  complaining, and looking for approval of man’s praises. With building my own business, I would rather suffer the pain of discipline today than the pain of regret tomorrow. I draw on the Infinite supply of ideas needed to form the thoughts which turn into seeds which then manifest into prosperity for all! Money is simply a tool for service, a tool to enhance others’ lives, and a tool that gives me even more options to do more of the same as I prosper too.


Week 22A- Ray’s MasterKey Journey: The Silence

During this break, I really took the time to digest and take in other events that are happening in my life. The self-discoveries with sitting in “The Silence” never disappoints, because I realize that the more grateful and open I am to hearing that “still small voice”, the more I’m blessed with guidance, instruction, clues, insights and creative ideas. I am amazed at the business partners God has put in my path as well as new friendships. I have a deeper understanding of who I am and the courage to cast fears aside in areas that used to keep me so stuck, especially financially!

I did an interesting exercise last week that, once again was inspired by sitting in “The Silence”. It was a forgiveness/repentance exercise revolving around my finances. I was compelled to take a lifetime inventory of my money habits, abuse, and foolishness. I simply sat and thought about this and wrote everything I could on a sheet of paper. Hate to admit this, but I filled up both sides. Anyways, after doing that, I took a match to it, burned the paper, and asked God for His forgiveness and I also forgave myself.  It was very liberating and now I have a fresh start ………no more regret and looking back, for all I have is the present moment!  My ego will try to get me to regret the past or fret about the future, both of which are a complete waste of time and energy.

I meditate on the saying: “knowledge doesn’t apply itself” every day. So strongly that the knowledge I get from “The Silence” is acted upon immediately without hesitation. I still speak out the affirmation: “Do It Now” as well as all the other sayings. They all work together in perfect harmony!

Moreover, I firmly believe all these Laws discussed in MKMMA are true and once you know this to be true for you, it causes you to adhere to them just like you would any other law you obey in society. I know if I break a traffic law, I get a traffic ticket. Same holds true for a spiritual law most of us know: “you reap what you sow” and all the others that God has put in place.

Psalm 46: “Be still and know I am God”  It’s all about “The Silence”, my friends!


Peace Love Tranquility


Week 22- Ray’s MasterKey Journey: Tool of Unworthiness

I had to study this incredible lesson multiple times! So many gold nuggets and of course, the five tools. Of the 5 tools, I really keyed in on unworthiness. Wow……the way Mark explained it and broke it down really made me put a mirror to my face…….I said to myself: “that’s me……I feel unworthy! I mean, I feel all five feelings, but unworthiness is absolutely HUGE!

I have, for the longest time, always overloaded my plate…..especially in business. Instead of doing one business, I would always have a back-up plan and try to work a second business and sometimes, even a third.  I lacked focus and true commitment everywhere trying to do too much, but in all reality, never getting anything significant accomplished. I felt anger and guilt too and even blamed my circumstances and my father for my lack of success.  Even recently, instead of staying focused on one project, I have the tendency to get distracted by other “shiny objects”. This is such a huge awareness for me and ultimately, I know  big breakthroughs are coming because I will use the tools!

I am understanding this addiction to the peptides that surrounds unworthiness. This is why, just like insanity, I repeat this cycle over and over again. Just when I think I have my plans all set and 100% focus, along comes another “shiny object”…….well, now I know better and with practice and sitting in The Silence, I can really empower myself.

I have spoken about Silence before and have had powerful, life-changing insights because I am hearing that still, small voice clearer and clearer. I actually expect to receive an insight every morning after I finish my meditation and prayer time. I have been preparing my “insides” for the many upcoming prosperous outwardly things moving forward. As I told my coach, Teresa: “You have to make your insides fertile to reap the harvest”

The season of harvesting is approaching!

Peace Love Tranquility

Week 21- Ray’s MasterKey Journey: Lesson21 Thoughts

I really took in a lot of insights from the MasterKey lesson 21 this week. There are many profound pieces of wisdom that enlightened me.

To start out, on the first page, the last paragraph states the fact that most people agree with the physical laws of the world such as electricity and chemistry, but may not believe in spiritual laws or prayer. Some only believe in the tangible and shortchange their lives because of their lack of belief in prayer or other spiritual concepts. I have been investing much more energy in understanding spiritual laws, prayer, and acquiring wisdom I can only receive in the Silence.

My thoughts are magnets. My mental attitude will attract conditions and correspond to its nature. Since starting MKMMA last September, my experience so far has been priceless and the mental labor I have invested up to this point is paying off. My marriage is improving, I am attracting more quality people into my life, I have some new business partners, and my understanding of the Bible is better than it’s ever been! More importantly, I have let go of the past, I forgive more and love deeper…….not to mention developing daily habits like expressing kindnesses and gratitude.

In paragraph 18, habit development is discussed as well as breaking bad habits. For a former addict, I really like how it says: “and if we do fail now and then, we should by no means lose hope, for the law is absolute and invincible and gives us credit for every effort and every success, even though our efforts and successes are perhaps intermittent.” When going to addiction meetings in the past, they always stressed these “sobriety streaks” during the meeting where the attendees would reveal their length of sobriety. I never thought this was helpful to a beginner. Honestly, it felt more intimidating. So, I have always felt that any effort moving forward should be celebrated. Knowing that the absolute Law give us credit for our efforts is very encouraging and uplifting!

I will concentrate on the Truth this week in my exercise this week. I realize that the Silence offers an ever-available and unlimited opportunity for awakening the highest conception of Truth. I am excited to discover what the Holy Spirit reveals to me!


Week 20- Ray’s MasterKey Journey: Let’s Bury the Fox!

This is a week of learning that is absolutely critical to my DMP. It’s critical to my life! I have been the fox for way too long. It’s time to be a hedgehog, my friends. The exercises and the webinar really spoke to me. It’s time to stop screwing around and focus on my “A” and “B” activities. I so relate to the container experiment where Mark fills up the container first with small debris and when it comes time to putting the “A” activity in the container, there is no room.

Prioritizing has been an issue where I think I am getting a lot accomplished, but in all reality, I didn’t accomplish much at all. I am getting focused and staying focused on one task until it’s completed. Actually, I am focusing on writing this blog right now and not stopping until it is complete. These blogs have been good training for me to work on my focus and block out distractions. I know what drives my economic engine and it’s time to FOCUS on the “A” activity!

On to another topic. The Master Key part 20 has some great insights to really meditate on. Paragraph 5 spoke to me in a big way. Do I want to use my mind and reach my full potential? or be a beast of burden for those who think? The less we think, the more we will have to work and less we shall get for our work. For an ex blue-collar worker like myself, that can be sobering and humbling. That’s why I left my job over 2 years ago……so I could use my mind, expand my horizons, live a fulfilling life, and achieve my dreams to create a legacy.  Moreover, as it states in paragraph 13, the power of thought, if used correctly, is the greatest labor-saving device ever dreamed of……pretty cool stuff.

Now that I know all power comes from within, fear vanishes and I become inspired. As a result, I choose to use my mind much more than I did in previous years.  Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy lots of physical activity like working out and cutting the lawn. It’s very good for the soul and gives me the balance I wish to maintain. Hard work never hurt anyone!….LOL

Lastly, I love what Mark said towards the end of the webinar: I can either listen to my heart’s desire and ignore my circumstances OR  listen to my circumstances and ignore my heart’s desire. I made the obvious choice of listening to my heart and that’s why I am doing MKMMA in the first place!

Peace Be The Journey!






Week 19- Ray’s MasterKey Journey: Doors are Opening!

Although last week I felt like I was falling behind, I express gratitude that there is an “ebb and flow” to life and our behaviors, because by dealing with the hills and valleys of life, we gain strength and wisdom.

Doors are opening in my life, especially in the business realm. Recently, God has placed new business partners in my life as well as business problems being solved making a pathway for progress and prosperity! The best part of all is these partners are Christian men that have the “give more get more” attitude. These Items that were written on my POA index card weeks ago are being completed and I can happily put a “check mark” next to them!

Just like masterminding in MKMMA, I find it just as valuable to mastermind with these like-minded businessmen. Sometimes, I felt like an island in my business and it can be very lonely and challenging on certain days. So, I express gratitude for these recent blessings!

The “Happiness Progression” has become my favorite part of the daily exercises, especially reliving a positive moment from the day before. It puts a smile on my face reflecting back on the previous day knowing I have so many people in my life that love me, but also recognizing opportunities to serve and express kindnesses to others, especially strangers. Doing little kindnesses touches another’s life more deeply than we know. There are many hurting people out there and a simple kind gesture can make their day. Who knows? You may be saving someone’s life that day and you’d never know it! For example, the other day I had a stranger approach me asking for a dollar. I gave him $2.00 and his eyes just lit up……he as so surprised, but without hesitation, I decided to bless him. Now, I know $2.00 isn’t a big deal, but it was a big deal to him! I call it “spreading the love”.  I write these type of moments down and it confirms my belief in myself that I can make a difference in this world…..one kind act at a time!

I cherish the saying that Mark said in a past webinar: “self-confidence grows when I keep my word to myself”. It is so true! As I finish tasks and serve others, I give myself permission to be myself and keep pushing forward. The mixture of completing business tasks AND serving others is a powerful combination and is the balance I am seeking. You reap what you sow!


Have a blessed week!